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Celebrating Our Impact

Community Impact

At Jefferson, we believe in improving lives well beyond the classroom and the exam room. From helping local underserved populations to aiding refugees here and thousands of miles away, Jefferson staff, students, faculty and alumni strive to make a meaningful, positive impact on communities in need.

2/6 Preparing Underserved Students for a Bright Future

We’re always thinking toward the future, especially when it comes to the next generation. Jefferson programs provide health care, education, counseling, mentorship and more to give underserved youth new opportunities and prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

“We recognize that Jefferson has an essential role to play in the well-being of our communities — through service, education, access and reducing disparities in health outcomes. We are dedicated to fulfilling that role in the most effective and impactful way possible.”

A student wearing a long-sleeved black shirt draws on a large white piece of paper hung from an orange wall.

PUMP-up Mentoring Program

Thomas Jefferson University continues its outstanding community outreach program known as PUMP-up. The program pairs college students with at-risk K-8 students in East Falls, Roxborough, Germantown and surrounding neighborhoods to increase the academic achievements of the younger students and introduce our students to volunteerism in metropolitan communities.

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Mentorship made a huge difference in my growth and development as an adolescent female. I knew what mentorship had done for me, and I always wanted to be able to give back in that same capacity.

PUMP-ing Up Student Performance

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local students served by 90+ volunteers

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students demonstrated increased academic engagement

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students showed proficiency in core subject areas

Rashidah Salam wears a brightly colored scarf over a patterned shirt while standing in front of her mural.

Support Beyond the Classroom Celebrating Diversity at Local Schools

Rashidah Salam, Jefferson faculty member in the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce, and her husband Jared Bader planned and created an interfaith mural to cover a full side of the St. Thomas Aquinas Independence Mission School in South Philly. Titled “Dare to Understand,” the mural captures the spirit of the local community and is one of over 4,000 murals across the city.

More about the mural

3/6 Helping Patients Through Times of Crisis

When faced with challenging situations, the last thing patients want to worry about is having access to the health care they need. Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health strive to assist patients through crises by providing much-needed health resources and patient care.

Photo a person sitting on a corner of a busy street with a cardboard sign.

Did You Know? 13.5 million

people in the United States have experienced homelessness at least once in their life. How can these people receive the medical care they need?

A woman wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope smiles at a young girl as she provides patient care.

Care Through Crisis Helping Homeless and Housing-Insecure Populations

JeffHOPE (Jefferson Health Opportunities, Prevention & Education) is a student-run organization within Sidney Kimmel Medical College that aims to improve access to health care for the homeless and housing-insecure populations of Philadelphia. JeffHOPE provides acute care, emotional support and health education through free clinics located in Philadelphia area homeless shelters.

A History of Hope

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year that JeffHOPE was founded by a group of Jefferson medical students and faculty advisors

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patient visits conducted per year by JeffHOPE personnel

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medical students and faculty involved, making JeffHOPE the largest student-run free clinic nationally, by number of members, number of patients treated and by operating budget

A group of JeffHOPE workers in scrubs, face masks and face shields stand at an outdoor clinic looking at tablets.

During the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, JeffHOPE needed to shift tactics to continue to assist at-risk patients. First- and second-year medical students’ commitment to this population never wavered. They assisted patients remotely via telemedicine, communicating with iPads to provide education on relevant conditions and counseling on accessing insurance. Third- and fourth-year students continued to visit homeless shelters and clinics when a patient needed direct physical assistance. Learn more

It’s been amazing to see how our students have integrated telehealth with in-person care to maximize patient access and student involvement.

Jefferson Health Plans is committed to supporting the needs of the local communities and extending its reach beyond just health care. Through our partnerships with nonprofits like ACLAMO and Philadelphia Legal Assistance, we’re amplifying available services and coordinating support for our members that need it most.

More on Jefferson Health Plans

Denise Napier Jefferson Health Plans President & CEO
A group of people bundled up in winter clothing wait outside of a purple Jefferson Health Plans tent, where a table features swag such as totes, pens and other items.

Did You Know? 30+ years

amount of time Jefferson Health Plans, previously Health Partners Plans, has been serving the community.

Photo of the lady of justice status holding a scale.

Did You Know? 6,000+

Philadelphia individuals and families cannot afford an attorney each year. How can they get the quality legal assistance they need?

A group of PLA employees pose together wearing business casual clothing while smiling at the camera in front of a wall that reads “Philadelphia Legal Assistance.”

Philadelphia Legal Assistance (PLA)'s mission is to enforce and protect the rights of individuals and families by providing accessible, creative and high-quality legal assistance while working collaboratively for systemic change. Jefferson Health Plans works with PLA through its Medical Legal Community Partnership (MLCP) to support medical care and help address socio-legal needs, including housing stability and income support.

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4/6 Helping Refugees

Jefferson is dedicated to helping refugees with their struggles. From halfway around the world to right here in our local communities, our mission manifests itself far and near.

"Any person who, owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion, is outside of his country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country."

Photo of a refugee family standing together on a street.

Did You Know? 1,500

refugees resettled in PA in the first eight months of 2023 alone, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

Health care is hard to navigate even when you do speak English. Immigrants and refugees are facing unprecedented challenges today, and receiving health care shouldn’t be another barrier to overcome.

Dr. Marc Altshuler Professor and residency director of Family and Community Medicine and the clinical leader of the Wyss Center

Dedication to the Displaced Complete Care for Philadelphia Immigrants and Refugees

The Wyss Wellness Center is a health and wellness center designed to provide clinical care and social services to the immigrant and refugee community of Philadelphia, regardless of insurance status. Jefferson Health partners with Wyss Wellness Center to offer clinical and educational outreach activities and provide the highest quality, whole-body care.

The interior of the Wyss Wellness Center lobby, which features bright blue and green walls that say the name of the center and welcome in several languages, a reception desk, and waiting room furniture including couches, chairs and shelves.

With a focus on the immigrant population in addition to its surrounding South Philadelphia community, the Wyss Wellness Center delivers full-spectrum primary care, social services, wellness activities and other community focused programming.

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Creating Tomorrow A Continuing Commitment to Communities in Need

At Jefferson, we understand that no one lives in a vacuum. We have embraced a commitment to improve lives for communities in need from down the block to around the world. This dedication has been a key element of our past two centuries, and we will continue that rich tradition far into the future.