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Celebrating Our Impact

Community of Healers, Builders & Creators

Throughout our history, Jefferson faculty, staff, students and alumni have bettered their communities as leaders in Philadelphia and throughout the world. Jefferson’s community of healers, builders and creators are always finding innovative ways to solve real-world problems and create a brighter future for everyone.

2/6 Helping Underserved Communities

At Jefferson, we have an inherent responsibility to help those in need. Our staff, students, faculty and alumni all work collaboratively to provide access to much-needed resources and create better environments for underserved communities across our campuses and well beyond.

Children in urban environments need nature, but historically, redlined neighborhoods—or those that have experienced the withholding of certain services—don’t often get resources from the city to create these spaces. That’s why we wanted to create this toolkit, to share the resources needed to build a park from scratch, without assistance from the city.

Kim Douglas Director of Jefferson’s landscape architecture program

Ideally, each Park in a Truck built will have less and less involvement from us. We might get to the point where we don’t even know about them. They go to the Park in a Truck website, use our toolkit and then parks are created. It just becomes self-sustaining.

3/6 Alumni in Action

Jefferson instills a sense of responsibility to the greater community, as is evident in the robust service-oriented work of our alumni and students. Our graduates represent more than just their respective disciplines, utilizing collaboration and innovation to improve lives and create revolutionary change throughout the world.

A child kneels while pouring water from a red cup into a large yellow container in front of a puddle of water on the ground.

Did You Know? 16 million

Kenyans lack access to safe water, according to How can these people get the water that they so desperately need?

Michele Ganz wears a long-sleeved black shirt and jeans with a backpack slung over one shoulder while he stands in front of a building that reads, “Wema Hospital.”

Alumni in Action Improving Access to Safe Water in Kenya

Pre-medical studies student Michele Ganz spent several months working at a health clinic in Nairobi, Kenya, where people traveled long distances for safe water to avoid the diseases caused by tainted water exposure. Michele established WeStillAlive - An African Story (WESA) to raise awareness and money to build water towers and improve infrastructure throughout Africa.

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Jefferson taught me to always be patient-centric, instilling guiding principles that I use daily: to make clinical recommendations based on what is safest for the patient and to always maintain my intellectual curiosity. These make me the clinician I am today.

E.J. and Stephanie Caterson wear scrubs, surgical masks, and head coverings while in surgery surrounded by other hospital workers also in scrubs.

Alumni in Action Saving Face

Stephanie Caterson, MD ’99, RES ’04, and her husband and fellow alum Edward J. Caterson, MD, PhD ’03, helped a 30-year-old man from Texas reintegrate into society after a high-voltage power line accident left him critically injured. The Catersons served as part of the nation’s first full facial transplant team to help save the man at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2011. Stephanie helped with key microsurgical steps while E.J. acted as lead surgeon.

If we keep people focused on the great education they got at Jefferson, our hope is that they will want to give back for years to come.

The interior of the Pinizzotto-Ammon Alumni Center with a seating area featuring several couches, chairs and tables for visitors.

Alumni in Action Making Space for Jefferson Graduates

When Carol Ammon, BSN ’17, and her partner and fellow alumna Marie Pinizzotto, MD ’88, noticed a lack of space for alumni returning to campus, they decided to fund the Pinizzotto-Ammon Alumni Center. The facility creates a home away from home for visiting alumni with custom spaces to relax, reminisce and connect with Jefferson’s past, present and future.

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4/6 Planning for a Pandemic to Safely Serve Our Community

The COVID-19 pandemic tested the strength and grit of the entire Jefferson system. While much of the country was closing down, Jefferson took action, proactively planning and implementing policies that kept the hospital running to save lives and provide students with the education they needed to navigate the most challenging public health crisis in modern history. Now, Jefferson’s place in the community is stronger than ever, in part, because of our ingenuity, preparation and sheer determination.

We knew at the beginning of March that a storm was going to hit us. And it was kind of like the quiet and peacefulness before the storm.

Dr. Yair Lev Cardiologist

Did You Know? 50 out of 220

Thomas Jefferson University programs already offered some online programs when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, giving us a head start on remote learning.

When we look back at the decisions that were made, I felt that they were in line with our institutional values — putting people first, doing the right thing and being bold and thinking differently.

Dr. Karen Novielli Vice provost for faculty affairs and professional development and Sidney Kimmel Medical College vice dean for faculty affairs
A group of students wearing face masks and gloves assemble face shields from various components stacked on top of tables spread around a room.

Student Volunteerism 10,000

face shields were created by an estimated 100 Jefferson student volunteers to meet PPE supply demands.

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Creating Tomorrow Making a Meaningful Impact

Throughout their time at Jefferson, our students, faculty and staff learn how to share their knowledge and abilities to make a meaningful impact on the world around them. Guided by our legacy of compassionate care and our unwavering commitment to being responsible citizens of the world in which we live, we will continue to better our communities and assist those in need.