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Celebrating Our Impact

Going Global

Jefferson’s reach stretches far beyond the Philadelphia area. Through many partnerships and collaborations, we’ve truly become a global organization that brings health care and educational opportunities to all corners of the world – and welcomes people with diverse cultural backgrounds and expertise back home to Philadelphia. Both at home and abroad, Jefferson continues to enrich the lives of students, employees and those we encounter on an international scale. 

2/6 Creating a Sustainable, Inclusive Future

Through the Jefferson All-Island Ireland Center, Jefferson is the first and only North American institution to join the worldwide network and academic collective known as SMARTlab, which develops ground-up technology solutions for people of all cognitive and physical ability levels in the developed and developing worlds. SMARTlab promotes user-driven, transdisciplinary, practice-based research and leverages technology innovation at scale.

Jefferson has creative, very smart people who were willing to say, ‘Hey, let’s just do this. What’s stopping us?’ I am really impressed by the way Jefferson has just stood up and embraced it.

This is a wonderful, exciting and significant partnership with an internationally renowned group. This contributes greatly to Jefferson’s international visibility, footprint and reputation.

Barbara Klinkhammer Dean of the College of Architecture and the Built Environment and inaugural director of SMARTlab
A pair of hands holds up an electronic device with exposed batteries and wiring of various colors.

A Sustainable Future Getting SMARTer with Each Generation

SMARTlab continues to bring together the brightest minds across disciplines to solve real-world problems with user-driven, transdisciplinary research, creative technologies and sustainable solutions to create social change and an inclusive future for all. As the established model grows, more successful PhDs become top global scholars, and the collaborative spirit of reinventing education increases with each new generation.

"SMARTlab is about coming together to create solutions, using technology to enable connectedness for the future of education, and the future of culture and community."

3/6 Expanding Worldwide Access to Medical Imaging

Medical imaging is an undeniably powerful diagnostic tool. Imaging technology can be expensive and complex to use, which leaves many around the world lacking access to this life-saving resource. Technological advancements in the realm of ultrasound imaging are limiting these barriers. Jefferson’s own Dr. Patricia Henwood is at the forefront of bringing this tool to as many patients as possible around the world.

Ultrasound can help provide cardiac, pulmonary and abdominal assessments, obstetric scans and many additional studies. Having it readily available at the bedside gives caregivers the ability to answer lots of clinical questions rapidly and inexpensively.

Dr. Patricia Henwood EVP, James D. and Mary Jo Danella Chief Quality Officer and PURE co-founder
Dr. Patricia Henwood wears a white lab coat over a navy shirt as she stands in a laboratory with her arms crossed while looking at the camera.

Expanding Access Bringing Ultrasound Across the Globe

Dr. Henwood understands the immense benefits and is dedicated to training healthcare clinicians across the globe how to use ultrasound at the point-of-care. The training and technology are changing outcomes in the treatment of tuberculosis, ebola, trauma and more. She also works with Jefferson students and faculty to facilitate global health programmatic and research projects.

Point-of-care Training: Worldwide Reach

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African nations receiving clinical training programs

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clinicians training in point-of-care ultrasound

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patients evaluated per day with point-of-care ultrasound

Dr. Patricia Henwood wears a white T-shirt and cargo pants while standing at a wooden crossroads sign while standing outside of large, beige canvas tents.

Expanding Access Continuing to Grow

The specific specialty of Emergency Medicine didn’t exist In Uganda and Rwanda when PURE first started working there. It does now, but radiology training and equipment is still rare. POCUS continues to provide much-needed accessible imaging, and Dr. Henwood’s impact has expanded. PURE’s reach has been felt during a tuberculosis crisis in South Africa, in refugee camps in Greece, in remote medical clinics in rural Australia and even in base camps for those scaling Mount Everest.

A global-local approach is relevant since Jefferson supports many clinics in Philadelphia that aid underserved and migrant populations with similar barriers to care and burden of disease. In an increasingly interconnected world, diseases do not recognize borders.

4/6 Fostering Innovation Through International Collaboration

Jefferson has grown into a worldwide presence with multiple international and regionally focused centers that provide research, education and health care. These centers offer opportunities for our local employees and students to continue Jefferson’s missions abroad and for guests from around the globe to visit Philadelphia and experience Jefferson firsthand.

“Coming to Jefferson you have a lot of amazing opportunities, but our campus is larger than East Falls and Center City. Our campus is the world. You experience your major in a new setting and expand the possibilities of what you can do—as a professional and a person. You grow your network, meet new friends and mentors, see different places, gain inspiration and communicate across cultures.”

"I hope that the students feel as good as we feel about the results, which were amazing, beautiful and original."

Creating Tomorrow Expanding Reach and Impact into the Future

Jefferson has embraced its role as a global leader that extols the importance of being a citizen of the world. As we move into our third century, we will continue to expand our global reach as well as broaden our educational and humanitarian efforts in order to positively impact as many lives as possible.